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Lesson Plans & Activity Guides

Welcome to the Summits Learning Center and a great source for a variety of valuable lessons and activity guides. The organization you have chosen has the following lessons and/or activity guides available (see below).

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The Knowledge Network

The Knowledge Network

Global Warming: Climate Change And British Columbia (Grades 3-12)
This three-part documentary series takes a hard-hitting look at climate change and its impact on British Columbia. Science journalist Bruce Mohun explains what climate change is, how to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, alternative sources of energy, and what we might need to do to adapt to climate change. Each one-hour episode features insightful interviews with scientists, policy-makers, academics, environmentalists and other journalists. As the cameras visit forests, glaciers, farmland, research centres and new land developments, we realize that climate change is an issue we can't afford to ignore.
Global Warming Knowledge Tool
Source: The Knowlege Network