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Lesson Plans & Activity Guides

Welcome to the Summits Learning Center and a great source for a variety of valuable lessons and activity guides. The organization you have chosen has the following lessons and/or activity guides available (see below).

Choose the lesson and/or activity you are interested in and simply click on the link to access the program material. Have fun as you expand your mind and start learning things you didn't even know you didn't know!

Government Of Canada - Parks Canada

Parks Canada

GIS In Georgian Bay Islands National Park (Grades 7, 9, 12)
This GIS (Geographic Information Systems) classroom-based lesson plan will increase students’ understanding of the benefits and capabilities of GIS and how Parks Canada uses GIS as a tool to responsibly manage our national parks. The activity consists of a case study on Georgian Bay Islands National Park of Canada, and some of the unique issues that influence it.
Source: Government Of Canada - Parks Canada

Exploring Pukaskwa National Park Of Canada Using GPS (Grades 7-12)
This activity allows students go on a virtual camping trip to Pukaskwa National Park of Canada. Students will collect 10 Global Positioning System (GPS) readings in the park area known as Hattie Cove. Using the GPS readings, students are asked to create an interactive map for the park visitor centre which will highlight the 10 unique areas of the park. Detailed activity instructions, GPS readings and aerial photographs from Pukaskwa National Park are included as downloadable files.
Source: Government Of Canada - Parks Canada

This document provides a “snapshot” of key eras during the establishment, evolution and current status of Canada’s system of national parks. Since the establishment of Canada’s first national park in 1885 (Banff), public use and management of these protected landscapes and ecosystems illustrate changing society perceptions of these special places. Suggested student research topics are provided in addition to a list of topic-related resources.
Source: Government Of Canada - Parks Canada

Glacier National Park Of Canada Fact Sheet
Cape Breton Highlands National Park Of Canada Fact Sheet
Banff National Park Of Canada Fact Sheet
These 2-page national park fact sheets provides details on the park’s location, climate, geology, types of vegetation, wildlife and appropriate visitor activities. This information strongly supports the study of Canada’s ecozones. It is an excellent resource for teachers and students who are studying Canada’s national parks.
Source: Government Of Canada - Parks Canada

This classroom activity includes a one page lesson plan along with 3 downloadable maps (vegetation and land use) from Point Pelee National Park data. Students use onion paper to understand concepts of G.I.S technology using manual mapping methods.
Source: Government Of Canada - Parks Canada