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Lesson Plans & Activity Guides

Welcome to the Summits Learning Center and a great source for a variety of valuable lessons and activity guides. The organization you have chosen has the following lessons and/or activity guides available (see below).

Choose the lesson and/or activity you are interested in and simply click on the link to access the program material. Have fun as you expand your mind and start learning things you didn't even know you didn't know!



GPS Mapping my Community (Grade 9)
This lesson is designed to introduce students to GPS technology as they investigate urban land use in their community and learn about the role an urban planner plays the development of a town or city. Students will travel around every street in a specific corner of their community and identify and map all forms of land use in that area. Back in the classroom, students will create a digital map of their community from the data they collected during their fieldwork.
Source: Evergreen

The Great GPS Scavenger Hunt
This lesson requires students to learn to use a GPS receiver as they learn about physical geography. Students will use GPS receivers to survey an open area (natural or disturbed ecosystems) and investigate the different species of plant populations, rock and land formations, and soil types either in the school grounds or in recreational areas in the local community. Students will examine the geologic and geomorphic formations and describe how water and wind erosion have shaped the landscape and helped further plant and animal succession.
Source: Evergreen