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Lesson Plans & Activity Guides

Welcome to the Summits Learning Center and a great source for a variety of valuable lessons and activity guides. The organization you have chosen has the following lessons and/or activity guides available (see below).

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Everest News

Everest News

Training For The Climb
The students will explain the different kinds of training necessary to prepare for the Mount Everest climb. The students will create a training schedule for the last month of preparation before the trek to Mount Everest.
Source: Everest News

The Physiology of High Altitude Climbing
The Physiology of High Altitude Climbing: What happens to your body at high altitude? Why do some people get sick and even die? According to Dr. Eric Weiss, when trekkers first started to going to Everest, one out of every 50 died. Nowadays, thanks to awareness of the consequences of high altitude, that figure is one in 10,000 to 50,000. The medical syndromes encountered at altitude all come down to the body's response to the decline of oxygen pressure.
Source: Everest News