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Lesson Plans & Activity Guides

Welcome to the Summits Learning Center and a great source for a variety of valuable lessons and activity guides. The organization you have chosen has the following lessons and/or activity guides available (see below).

Choose the lesson and/or activity you are interested in and simply click on the link to access the program material. Have fun as you expand your mind and start learning things you didn't even know you didn't know!

Canadian Council for Geographic Education

Canadian Geography Challenge  Canadian Council for Geographic Education

Geography Challenge (grades 4-6, open)
The Geography Challenge is a national student competition designed to foster an interest in geography among young Canadians, and to raise the profile of geography with teachers and the public. The Challenge is organized by the Canadian Council for Geographic Education (CCGE).

The Geography Challenge is open to students from Grades 4 to 10 attending a school that is registered in the program. The official competition kit contains everything you need to conduct your in-school challenge, including instructions, useful tips, questions and answers, winner's medal, award certificates and more.
Source: Canadian Council for Geographic Education, the education committee of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Ideas for using the 'Glacier Poster Map' from Canadian Geographic magazine and The National Atlas of Canada. AS PART OF OUR ONGOING SUPPORT for classroom teachers across Canada, the CCGE is pleased to provide members of the National Teachers Network with a complimentary copy of this poster-map. This is part of an ongoing series produced and included in issues of Canadian Geographic. Network members will realize that this is another in the series of poster-maps and accompanying lesson ideas included for Network members. We are anxious to hear back from you as to whether you are finding these posters and accompanying ideas of any value/use in your classroom program.
Source: Canadian Council for Geographic Education