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Active Schools Program

The Active Schools Activity Challenge has a number of features within the overall program that work together to improve the health and well being of students. Our primary goal is to bring education and fitness together in an innovative and fun, online program!

This program has 4 elements/features where students can keep track of their progress on the path to increased health & fitness:

1. Activity Map - our online activity tracking program with activity challenges, mapping and integrated educational features. It's a fitness adventure which promotes and rewards activity and learning at the same time.
2. Activity History - a downloadable 60 day history report for each day that the kids are active.
3. Nutrition Journal - a daily/weekly tracking system for the amount of fruits and vegetables that are eaten.
4. Hydration Journal - a daily/weekly tracking system to record the amount of water they drink.

Together, these 4 features give students a great opportunity to have fun while becoming more health concious. Early development and positive reinforcement of the basics of healthy habits are key ingredients to setting the foundation for a future healthy lifestyle. Plus, the students will learn more about Canada, our Provinces and Territories, its geography and beauty in the process.

Together we can make a difference by encouraging Canadians and the world "one step at a time", to join the journey to better health and the adventure of fitness.

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Active Schools Website

(Our apologies - this progam has been deactivated til further notice.)