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360 Degree Panorama Views

Imagine the view from the top of Canada on Mount Logan or the highest point in Nova Scotia. If you are not able to be there, the Summits of Canada will be taking panoramic photos from through out our cross Canada journey and from each of the summits.

We will be posting two types of panoramas on our website for your pleasure - a static horizontal photo or an interactive 360 degree panoramic using Apples QuickTime software.

We are excited about using QuickTime and giving you a virtual reality experiences using 360o degree panoramic photography. The images are constructed by splicing together a series of overlapping photographs that encompass a full panoramic rotation about a single point, or node. The viewer interacts with the image by navigating with a computer
mouse to move back and forth, or up and down. Each image gives the sensation of being at a location where one can turn around completely and see in all directions. There is also the capability of zooming in anywhere within the image.

In order to view the images you will need to install QuickTime free from Apple Computer by going to

Here are some excellent examples of QTVR 360 degree panorama images which showcase the beauty of the software.

Matterhorn – interactive
- California National Parks
- Europe
- Matterhorn - static

Enjoy the beauty and be sure to check back with us on new images we will be posting here. If you would like to be kept up to date with what is happening with our photos and the expedition sign up for our newsletter.