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The Summits of Canada Expedition is reaching out to tell Canadians and the world about Canada. With a message of education, fitness & health, and the environment we want to share the journey and the adventure with students and individuals in their classrooms and homes.

It is with the kind and generous support and interest from the men and women in the media that our message can reach people's hearts and minds.

We want to thank them for helping get our message out.

James and the Expedition Team

PC - Online
May 2, 2007
High tech climbs to new heights
Notebooks PCs, digital cameras, satellite and mapping technology on a 6,000 meter journey up Canada's highest peak. Of all the concerns facing a mountain climber, a spinning hard drive doesn't always come top of mind. Food, warmth, shelter and safety are crucial to the success of any mountain adventure - and much more so on an attempt to scale Canada's tallest mountain. But for the climbers of the Summits of Canada Expedition, technology is almost as important.
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CTV News - Webmania
April 21, 2007
Webmania (CTV-TV), Saskatoon, Regina, Toronto
Length: 6:50 min., Time: 06:00pm
Interview with expedition leader James Coleridge.
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CTV - Canada AM
April 19, 2007
CANADA AM (CTV-TV), National
Length: 4:37 min., Time: 08:38am
Reporter: Beverly Thomson
A Canadian Expedition is getting ready to brave the highest peak in Canada. Next month the team is planning to scale the Yukon's Mount Logan as part of an educational project called "Summits Of Canada". Joining me now is expedition leader James Coleridge.
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Channel 10
Channel 10
April 18, 2007
Geeks on Peaks: Tech expedition of Mt. Logan
Interview with Larry Larsen
Channel 10, in conjunction with Summits of Canada, is sponsoring an expedition to summit Mount Logan in early May. During the month-long trek, James Coleridge will document, blog, shoot pictures, and do video interviews from the second highest peak in North America.
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Canadian Geographic
Canadian Geographic - Online
April 3, 2006
Journeying to the highest points of the nation
The sound of the wind whipping across an Alberta ice field will greet Summits of Canada expeditioners as they begin their treacherous climb to the top of Mount Columbia in April. Read more about how this will be the first of thirteen ascents in a hazardous yet historic journey to every provincial and territorial highpoint of Canada.
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Canada's Outdoor Magazine
May 2006
Higher Learning

For this Canadian, hitting the summits is only the start.

Three years ago, Canadian James Coleridge was just another recreational mountaineer determined to notch the Seven Summits on his ice axe. Then on Russia's Mount Elbrus, a team of Ukrainian climbers invited him in to escape a howling storm outside their tent... But the only mountains the Ukrainians wanted to hear about were Canada's, and Coleridge soon recognized a more challenging objective than Everest.

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CanaTREK, the Summits of Canada Expedition Team - 2006
"Telling Canadians and the World about Canada - One Step At A Time"